Education makes a people easy to lead, but difficult to drive;

Easy to govern, but impossible to enslave


Of all the creations of god, human life is the most sacred .Man is endowed with intelligence; he wants to remain active, energetic and even original. Thus, to educate means to lead forth or to extract and the best in man. Therefore, art, music, craft, dramatics, literature and creative work should form an integral part of the school activities to produce balanced and intelligent citizens. The school should aim at the unfolding of the ‘total personality’ of the child to his/her full Stature-mental, physical, social, emotional and aesthetic and I am sure that KV Lonavla certainly provides opportunities and incentives for the full blossoming of the innate gifts, virtues and potentialities of the child. It also creates consciousness of the right, good and beautiful (Satyam, Shivam and Sundaram) and our students experience the quiet satisfaction, and everlasting delight, that attends disciplined self-expression and growth.


By conducting scholastic and co-scholastic activities, the qualities required for active and co-operative democratic citizenship in a changing world can be fostered. Various activities and programmes are conducted in the Vidyalaya to provide platform to the students to showcase their latent talents.


A thoroughly innovative ethos with strong purpose and good heart is needed, and the opportunities being provided by KV Lonavla to the students to express or present their potentialities can help to grow ‘the open, mobile, empathic and participant personality’in such environment.


If teachers and parents try to understand the mental capacity, the intrinsic mental habits and the potential talents of the children, there will be no difficulty in training them to be good citizens.


Let the children pursue healthy activities, if they are interested, have the required talents, or if they are meant to enrich their awareness of themselves and the world around. The cultural activities and accomplishments are necessary to make a human being more cultured .A richer understanding of the beauty of life should help children become more understanding, more compassionate and appreciative of the beauty of nature around them. There is nothing greater pivotal role than this that KV Lonavla plays, to pave the way for having worthwhile leisure –time interests.


Let KV Lonavla foster knowledge and ingenuity in its students who will go on to become the torch bearers of our country’s future.